Local artists showing their artwork at ecafé include John Hall, Melinda Murphey and Susanne Anderson Szipple…

John Hall

Featuring Mixed Media, Painting, Photograph and Illustration.  You can learn more about John and his artwork at jhallart.com

IMG_2308 (1) - Copy

IMG_2317 - Copy

IMG_2320 - Copy


Melinda Murphey

Artwork using pencils, markers, paints and embellishments that are non-traditional including unique framing styles.  “I am inspired by complexity as well as simplicity.  Some of my favorite things are animals, plants, flowers & nature.”

IMG_2321 - Copy

IMG_2316 - Copy


Suzanne Anderson Szippl

“Uplifting”, “Vibrant”, “Magical”

“My works come out of a deep and joyful spirituality, a knowing of all things alive; a love of nature, color and shape, and through intuitive painting – a surprisingly easy access to a vast imagination.”  To purchase one of my pieces please call (602) 412-8383 or email: artisessentialbiz@gmail.com

IMG_2306 - Copy

IMG_2307 - Copy

Stop by today to see more art by these talented local artists!

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