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It’s all the craze these days.  Cold Brew; Nitro; Iced Latte; Iced Coffee.  Let’s talk Iced Coffee.

Many theories abound about the beginnings of iced coffee.  You can read more about those here. What we do know is that iced coffee is becoming more and more popular in America, mainly with people age 18-24.

There are many versions of iced coffee, so let’s take a minute to discuss a few of them:

1.  You can just brew drip coffee and immediately pour it over ice. We like to do this at ecafe with PT’s John Brown Blend.  After brewing, just fill a cup overflowing with ice, and pour the coffee right on top.  You may need to add more ice if it melts too much for your taste.  This produces a smooth beverage with less caffeine than cold brew.  If you are one of those people that gets jittery when you drink coffee, this would be a better option for you if you are looking for something cold.

2.  Other popular cold coffee drinks are traditional espresso-based drinks, just made with ice and cold milk, instead of steamed milk. For example, an iced latte is just espresso with ice and cold milk.  An iced mocha would be espresso, chocolate sauce, ice, and cold milk.  One of my favorite beverages is an iced latte with coconut or almond milk!

3.  And then there’s nitro… Nitro is cold brewed coffee that is on tap.  It’s put into a keg and then pressurized with nitrogen, hence the name.  It’s the coffee equivalent of a beer.  It’s foamy and smooth with a rich, creamy head.

4. Finally, you can use the cold brew method to make iced coffee. This can easily be done at home with minimal equipment.  Check out this recipe here.  At ecafe, we use a Filtron Pro.  This slow-brew method produces a strong concentrate that is then diluted with either water, milk, or cream.  The caffeine content is much higher than an iced drip coffee because the grounds stay in contact with the water for 12-24 hours, thus extracting a large amount of caffeine.  The result is a smooth drink with low acidity.

No matter which method of iced coffee you prefer, one thing remains true:  it’s delicious and it is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot, summer day!

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